Mission Outdoors
Tulsa, OK

Environmentally helpful outdoor services for
the greater Tulsa area.


Environmental Stewardship and Earth Day
For us at Mission Outdoors, EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!

That is to say, environmental awareness and responsibility are a high priority for us, and we hope this is important to you also. 


We help clients conserve water in their landscapes, and to use water and other resources efficiently for function and for aesthetic effect.

The City of Tulsa charges for water at a rate of $3.93 per 1000 gallons of water, plus a meter fee. This is a fair price. It's your money nonetheless, and when you call on us for service we make certain that you're getting what you are paying for.

Water from the irrigation system running down the curb to the storm drain is money lost.    

Over-watering is money lost also, and can be destructive to plants and property. Under-watering is a problem too.

We utilize the latest in irrigation technology and best practices to get the most efficient use of water possible to benefit your landscape.

In our work, we also solve drainage and erosion problems that could otherwise damage property and pollute nearby bodies of water with soil, silt, fertilizers and pesticides.

We take this seriously and we go out of our way to do things right. We are recognized by the EPA as an EPA Watersense Partner and we hope that you appreciate this recognition as we do. 

We look to Genesis 2:15 for the beginning of our instruction in environmental stewardship. We believe that making a political movement out of it can only serve a political interest, and we don't bring our politics to work with us because quite frankly, we want everyone's business. 

So we respect the earth every day, and leave it at that. :)