Mission Outdoors
Tulsa, OK

Environmentally helpful outdoor services for
the greater Tulsa area.


Scenic ponds and water features
We install and maintain top quality water features using all elements of design including water, stone, plants, and nightscape lighting.

Our pond technicans have installed some of the best ponds, water features, and waterfalls in northeastern Oklahoma.

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Double waterfall, northeastern Oklahoma.
Charles and Rod putting the finishing touches on a pond project.

Some of our work

Examples of projects we've done. 

All done in Northeastern Oklahoma: 

Top center: Small pond and waterfall with foot bridge. 

Bottom left: Flagstone and gravel walkway with stone garden and water feature.

Right: Double waterfall and pond.
More stuff we've done

Top left: Small silent pond with moving water

Top center: Small silent pond with moving water

Top right: Backyard stream

Bottom left: Koi pond